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Vismara & Akhtar is not only a leading law firm in Italy bur also an International Law Firm. It is in fact a successfully independent entity abroad with offices in the United Arab Emirates and in Switzerland. Thanks to strategic alliances with a huge network of international legal firm, can offer its clients legal and business advices abroad too. Our success’ key is the in-depth knowledge of business culture in the countries we operate that consent us to serve our clients advising them a full and comprehensive business and legal consultancy in a broad spectrum of legal areas. Matching excellence with expertise in local and international laws, with a deep understanding of our clients needs, we are able to bridge cultural barriers between our Italian clients and abroad .



It seems that any legislator has never thought over that, although there are two ways to legislate, persuasion and force, they use only one, cause legislating they don’t temper the authority with persuasion but use only pure force…
                                                                                                                                                    Plato ( ab.426-348 b.c. ) RULES –IV 722 b

Vismara & Akhtar – Advocates and Business Advisers – International Law Firm is a partnership between two law –business firms which have decided to work closely together to offer a full range of professional, law and business, high profile services. Vismara & Akhtar assists clients and companies in national and international matters offering the legal and commercial assistance required in a commercial community that does not recognise national boundaries. Vismara & Akhtar has contacts with a huge network of Law firms in Europe, Middle East, and USA to provide an efficient professional service to its clients in Italy and cross- border. The Firm pride itself to give consultancy to foreign companies concerning their activity in Italy, or in international matters involving the Italian Jurisdiction. Vismara & Akhtar defends its clients in Tribunals, Courts of Appeals, Cassation Court, Administrative Tribunals, Arbitration Courts in Italy and abroad.



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