GOOD HOUSE is a business partner of a on of the important Latvian Wooden Frame Houses manufacturer that united professionals with more than 15 years of experience in building private houses in Latvia and in other European countries.

We can provide construction of ecological wooden frame panel houses-living houses, summer houses, guest houses, office buildings, in accordance with a typical or individual project. 

One of the company”s main advantages is the ability to offer an individual solution to each customer.

Our service include such steps as:

·       project development

·       costing

·       wooden frame house construction and installation

·       transportation of house structures

·       roof covering

·       window and door installation

·       Facade decoration


We can provide a huge number of m2 of living space per month;

·       we use only qualitative and certified materials whick meets European Union standards;

·       Home assembling are carried out by certified masters of assembling;

We chose only the best timber

·       Timber carcass, panels and modulars are produced from the high quality, according to requirments of the EU and sertificated wooden material.

·       Wooden humidity level do not increase 18-20%.

·       A wooden material is harshly hacked and sorted;

·       Pine tree and spurce timber is harshly choosed for the producing of the wooden carcass.